The poems are written by many people, some famous, some members of the Church Family. The words can help us to think about how we can live out our lives as friends and followers of Jesus – “Disciples” is the word the Bible uses for that.

If these poems help you, or inspire you, please share them, but please also make sure people know where they came from – especially those written by members of the Church Family.

If you have a favourite poem that you think we ought to include, or something you have written, then please get in touch!

On the journeyOn the journey

I cannot help think That God is not as concerned With where we are As with how far we have come. And I wonder if God is less interested In the speed of our journey, And more concerned With the direction we are facing. And

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Going through the motions, But is there more to life? I’d never stopped to question, ‘Till it kept me up at night. My head was full of questions Like it’d never been before. How I’d lived without the answers Was a mystery, I’m sure! Where

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