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The Centre of the Storm

Yes, the storm rages around you
As it raged around the twelve on the sea of Galilee.
But today I am not asleep.

I am walking with you
Along the path I have called you to walk.
The narrow way
The path of holiness
The hard way with the easy yoke.

And as the wind and storm rages
And tumbles you off your feet again,
Onto the sharp rocks,
I say, “look to me”

“Look to me as Elijah did
In his sorrow and weariness.
And find that I am the still small voice
And not in the wind,
the earthquake and the fire”

Look to me and not the storm
And like Wenceslas’ page of old
place your step in my footprints
And find that you always walk,
With me,
In the still eye of the storm.”

The storm may roar around me
My heart may low be laid
My Father’s arms surround me
How can I be afraid

©2020 JJ – A Church Family member – Published by All Saints Church with permission.

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