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God is a trampoline

God is a trampoline;
But too often we stand on the edge.
It may be a bit hard to balance on the frame,
But its solidity makes us feel secure,
Stepping in feels a bit wobbly,
So we stick to the edge,
Even though it’s hard ground if we fall.

But let’s be childlike,
Let’s venture in and bounce!
Let’s test the way, and discover
That though it gives, it will never break;
Let’s feel the wind in our hair
A spring in our step
And the blood in our veins;
Let’s quit worrying what others might think,
Let’s loose our fear of falling
For He cushions the landing;
And the lower we go
The higher we can jump!

So come on in and bounce!


© – EC – Church Family Member – Published by All Saints Church with permission

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