Funerals and Memorial Services

When we lose someone who is precious to us we may find ourselves with many mixed emotions, sad, confused, fearful, uncertain about your own life, maybe feeling angry towards God, unable to cope with the simple things, perhaps wondering if it’s just a bad dream.

 It’s at times like these that we need help.

 Our immediate family and friends may be a natural source of  strength, support  and  encouragement but  they too will be feeling  the loss and will need support themselves. We may need to talk to someone outside the family.

At All Saints there are people who would be happy to come and offer friendship and a listening ear. If this would be helpful, please contact us or come on a Sunday morning. Our service starts at 10:15am.  We’d love to help if we can.

The Funeral Service

Usually families will speak to a Funeral Director first to arrange a funeral service.  If you want a service to take place at All Saints or for the vicar, Stephen, to take the service perhaps at the crematorium you will need to let the funeral director know this.  Usually they will then contact us and arrange a date and time for the service.

During a funeral service there may be some hymns, or music chosen by the family.  There can be readings; poems as well as a reading from the Bible.  Usually someone will say a few words about the person who has died – more often than not family members don’t feel able to do this – that’s ok!  We will always meet with a family before the service to plan the music and to put together some memories to share.  More often than not the person leading the service, either the Vicar or another minister, will share those memories.  If you want a collection in Church or at the Crematorium to a particular cause then mention that when we visit – we don’t mind a collection in memory of your loved one going to their favourite charity or cause.

There are fees set by the Church of England for a vicar to take a service or for a service in Church, but these are all handled through the funeral director.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other questions about the funeral service, then please contact us.

Memorial Services

Sometime someone dies in more difficult circumstances – maybe abroad, or maybe just a long way away, and family and friends don’t have the opportunity to make it to the funeral.  At All Saints we are more than happy to arrange a suitable memorial service – there are no set fees – we appreciate that the circumstances can often be very difficult and there can be a lot of expense.  If you would like to organise a memorial service for someone then please do contact us.

The  Christian  Hope

The funeral service focuses on the Christian hope of life after death; an everlasting life of perfect love, joy and peace. Things we long for in this life, but never quite experience. This hope is made possible because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We do not worship a God who sits aloof outside our world. We worship a God who came to this earth as the man Jesus to share the joys and the sorrows of this sometimes sad world.  Jesus was a teacher and a healer during his lifetime. He was then cruelly put to death, even though he had done nothing wrong.  Through his death he put us right with God. Through his resurrection he offers us the hope of everlasting life.

We believe that Jesus is still alive today, and can be our friend.  If we come to him for help he promises to stay with us always, to strengthen, support and encourage us in the good times and in the bad.