All Saints Church Blog,Poems It’s only scary when it’s dark

It’s only scary when it’s dark

I went back you know, and it wasn’t scary at all
All of the shapes and noises that made me so scared are just trees and birds and squirrels

What was there to be scared of?

Yet I was scared – more scared than I’d ever been
too scared to keep going but too scared to stop.

Every step was a struggle.

So what is different now – why is is not scary anymore?


That makes the difference – all the difference

People were right to be scared before the light came,
but now we have the light then we have nothing to fear.

Light came all those years ago, even in the darkest of dark nights
if i walk in his light then even the darkest valley will hold no fear

God said “Let there be light” and I became a child of God.


© 2020 – JJ – Church Family Member – Published by All Saints with Permission

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