What we believe

What We Believe
We believe that Jesus lived in Palestine around 33AD; that he taught people to call God “Father”; that, in order to save us from our sins – the things we’ve done wrong – he died on a Roman Cross; that God raised him from the dead and that he was the Son of God, God himself in human form.

We have made a decision to trust Jesus with our lives, and we have a personal and close relationship with him today. Christianity is not about some man who lived in the past. It’s about a God who cares for everyone and wants a real and personal relationship with them in the here and now.

Being Christians isn’t just about what we do on Sundays or in Church. It has an effect on our whole lives. We want to be not just believers but “Disciples” – a word that means “learners” or “followers”. When he called people Jesus said “Follow me!” – That’s what we’re trying to do.

Our Church mission statement is

Doors that are open – we want to welcome everyone
Hearts that love – we want to share God’s love
Faith that Shines – we want people to meet God themselves

That’s what we’re about! If you want to know more, then either contact us or try this link – www.needhim.org