About Us

Our Vision

Our Values

We are a family everyone can be a part of
young and old together

We welcome, we care, we are friends,
we are honest and open

When we get things wrong we say sorry;
when others get things wrong we don’t judge, we forgive

We value what everyone brings
and share everything we have

Our doors are open to all who come
Our minds are open to challenge and change
We are willing to go wherever God leads

We have real joy because of what Jesus has done for us;
We show God how special He is to us
As we pray and worship and just rest with Him

Jesus is at the heart of what we are and what we do
It is His kingdom being built
His words being shared
His love in our hearts
His power is our strength
His life is our life

Our Worship

Our worship brings “treasures old and new” to offer to God.
The words to this hymn (sung to the tune Abbot’s Leigh) tell you what we’re about,
as do the words of the song afterwards – “Come to the feast there is room at the table!”.

Open doors set wide to welcome
All who come to find a home.
Welcome all, as sister, brother,
Share what God’s great love has done.
Open too, to take the message
To the world He loves and made,
Tell of healing and of blessing,
Share Good News, be unafraid.

“Hearts that love” shall be the watchword
That describes our family here.
Never failing love – the message
Shown to all, both loud and clear.
Love that tells, and tends and treasures,
Love that teaches and transforms,
Love that celebrates and dances,
Love that lasts through life’s great storms.

Faith that shines just like a city,
High upon a hilltop set.
Beacon faith so brightly shining
Off’ring freedom from sin’s debt.
Friends of Jesus, God’s own Family,
Following Jesus in the Way.
Come and join us on the journey
All the Saints, come praise today.

©2018 – All Saints Church, Woodlands and Highfields

Come, all you vagabonds,
Come all you ‘don’t belongs’
Winners and losers,
Come, people like me.
Come all you travellers
Tired from the journey,
Come wait a while, stay a while,
Welcomed you’ll be.

Come all you questioners
Looking for answers,
And searching for reasons
And sense in it all;
Come all you fallen,
And come all you broken,
Find strength for your body
And food for your soul.

Come to the feast,
There is room at the table.
Come let us meet in this place.
With the King of all kindness
Who welcomes us in,
With the wonder of love,
And the power of grace.
The wonder of the love,
And the power of grace.

Come those who worry
‘Bout houses and money,
And all those who don’t have
A care in the world;
From every station
And orientation,
The helpless, the hopeless,
The young and the old.

Come all believers
And dreamers and schemers,
And come all you restless
Just searching for home;
Movers and shakers
And givers and takers,
The happy, the sad
And the lost and alone.

Come self-sufficient
With wearied ambition,
And come those who feel
At the end of the road.
Fiery debaters
And religion haters,
Accusers, abusers,
The hurt and ignored.

Stuart Townend, Mark Edwards & Phil Baggaley Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music (Adm. by CapitolCMGPublishing.com excl. UK & Europe, adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family, songs@integritymusic.com)