The poems are written by many people, some famous, some members of the Church Family. The words can help us to think about how we can live out our lives as friends and followers of Jesus – “Disciples” is the word the Bible uses for that.

If these poems help you, or inspire you, please share them, but please also make sure people know where they came from – especially those written by members of the Church Family.

If you have a favourite poem that you think we ought to include, or something you have written, then please get in touch!

In the BoatIn the Boat

I was angry that you were asleep on the boat, As the waves came crashing, I didn’t dare rouse you, But clung to the side, Eyes closed, rocked and tossed, Trying not to be sick. Yes, even the wind and waves obey you, So, were

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Palm Sunday 2020Palm Sunday 2020

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Where are the crowds, The people waving branches and palms? Church buildings sit in silence, No procession or singing of hosanna, And yet, listen…. Voices in homes lifting praise, Folding palm crosses in living rooms, Waving and jumping and shouting, Hosanna to the King! And

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Holy SaturdayHoly Saturday

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I don’t feel ready for Easter Sunday, Lord. I’m still in a Good Friday mood. Thinking about despair, Abandonment, Loss, Carrying a cross, Suffering and pain. Thinking about the disciples, Bewilderment, incomprehension, Fear. I don’t feel ready for Easter Sunday, Lord. I don’t want to

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Where should I be?Where should I be?

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3pm Good Friday 2020 Where should I be? Where am I? Sat in the garden. With my feet up. With fresh Hot Cross Buns cooling in the kitchen. Relaxing in the sunshine With headphones on And Facebook open on my phone Listening while someone else

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