Getting married is a big step but it is an exciting time.  If you are wanting to get married in Church there are some things you need to think about.

Firstly there are some rules about who can get married where!  Don’t worry, there are always routes to getting married even if at first it looks like you don’t meet the rules!  Either you have to live in the parish (Click Here for a website that shows you our boundary – click the “find us” tab.) or demonstrate a link – that might mean you lived here when you were younger, or your parents did, or that you or they or even your grandparents were baptised here or they were married here!

Once that’s out of the way then we can talk about how to make your special day even more special.  All Saints is a beautiful church and looks really good on photos, inside and out.  We have members of the Church family who can provide flower arrangements for a reasonable cost (probably less than some florists!) and we love making the church look as good as possible for weddings.

The Church of England has a fantastic website to help you plan your big day –  It is a fantastic resource to help you with your preparations!

“I’ve been married before…”

Even if one or both of you has been married before and your previous partner is still alive that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get married in Church.  The Church of England has guidelines that help clergy work through the question with couples.  Many couples have been married at All Saints in these circumstances.  It isn’t an automatic “Yes” but we will do what we can to help.  The website link above has some helpful links – look at the bottom of the FAQ section