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I stood on the walls

I stood on the walls of the city that day,
I couldn’t bear to be any closer.
When they took him I ran,
I hid the whole night, frightened even of my shadow
hardly daring to breathe, let alone sleep.

I heard the crowd long before I saw them
You could hear them screaming across the whole city.
I didn’t hear what they were saying, but they seemed pleased .

Then I saw the soldiers driving men to the gibbet.
I looked in pity, a familiar sight,
Then my heart stopped as I saw him.
Bloodied and beaten carrying the beam.

I lost sight as they climbed through the city,
but I could hear them all the way.

I could have got a good view of what happened next,
but even though I didn’t look I heard the screams.
I stuck my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes.

When I looked again it was getting dark;
He was there, stretched out before the world,

I stood on the walls of the city that day,
Safe, secure, surrounded by strong stone,
Whilst he died, alone and helpless,
And then came the rain.

© 2003 – JJ – A member of the Church Family – Published by All Saints Church with permission

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