Going through the motions,
But is there more to life?
I’d never stopped to question,
‘Till it kept me up at night.

My head was full of questions
Like it’d never been before.
How I’d lived without the answers
Was a mystery, I’m sure!

Where did we all come from?
This life, there must be more?
Does my life have a purpose?
What are we all here for?

I had so many questions,
I asked anyone who’d listen.
An overwhelming need to know
The answers fuelled my mission!

But no one stopped to humour me
They all just called me “mental”
And not having any answers
Left me feeling quite unsettled.

Not knowing where to turn
I asked the only friend I knew
Wouldn’t laugh it off, or call me dumb.
She said “Come, take a pew”.

She was a Christian, you see,
She’d know about this stuff,
The hows and whys and wheres and whens,
She wouldn’t give me fluff.

She listened as I rambled on
(And on and on I buzzed!).
She said “I don’t know everything
But I know a guy who does”.

She spoke to me of faith
And how she’d been taught how to wrestle
With big questions and tough answers
And with evil and the devil.

She told me of her God,
Of how He loved so much He gave
His only Son to save us
And He’d risen from the grave!

Longing for a purpose,
I wanted to know more,
“But Jesus can’t have come for me?”,
I really wasn’t sure.

She lovingly recounted
Tales of Jesus’ time on Earth,
She told me God had sent His Son
To show us all our worth.

Her passion won me over
But it’s a lot to take in,
That there is a God in heaven
Who has died to take my sin.

I didn’t know what this would mean,
Would my life have to change?
She told me God was with me
And I felt a little strange!

The joy I felt inside me
Well, it filled me to the brim!
Now everyday I try
To be a little more like Him.

I trip and fall and mess things up
And know I will forever,
But He is there to catch me
He won’t let me go, not ever!

Going through the motions,
I can’t live like that again.
I’ve found the answer to my search,
I am at peace. Amen.

© EM – Church Family Member – Published by All Saints Church with permission

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