All Saints Church Blog Esther BraveQueen – a Queen who was Brave

Esther BraveQueen – a Queen who was Brave

One of God’s people in exile in Persia Esther is chosen to be Queen. Her Uncle discovers a plot to murder God’s people – if it had come to pass there would have been no Jerusalem as Jesus knew it.

Esther finds herself in a unique position – able to take news to the plot to the very highest levels – to the King himself.


To enter the Kings presence without being summoned risks the penalty of death.

Esther BraveQueen knows that God has placed her in this place and at this time to save her people and she dares to approach the throne. She finds favour and so do God’s people.

Esther was the only person who could act – she was the one God had placed in the right place at the right time.

It might not be nation saving but God has placed you in unique circumstances and there are things that you might be called to do that only you can achieve.

Will you be brave like Esther when you are called to be the one person who might make a difference – even when it’s risky??

The video below is of the song we used in Church and today’s sermon is after that.

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