Jesus said “Follow Me” and billions of people have done just that and taken up the challenge to follow wherever Jesus leads. Sometimes that journey is easy, sometimes it isn’t. Many of us are able to take that journey together with others, people from our own family, wives, husbands, children, parents, but there are many of us who sometimes feel very alone on that journey. We may not have someone to walk alongside every day as we learn to walk with Jesus.
DiscipLes is an initiative at All Saints Church to help us on that journey. The resources here provide some ideas of how we can connect with others on this journey with Jesus. It gives ideas of how and when we can meet together; it has tools we can use either on our own, or when we meet, to learn more about Jesus, to get to know Him better, and to be equipped for everything that life may send our way – the good and the bad.

The resources here are just a way of helping us to start on the amazing journey of living out our faith in Jesus.

The ToolBox

The DiscipLes Toolbox is a collection of tools to help us to connect with one another, with Jesus, with Prayer, with the Bible and with the wider world.

The Toolbox is split into 4 parts and is intended to be really easy to use.  As time goes by we will try and make every section of the Toolbox as interactive as we can!

The tool box comes in four parts:

Part 1 – challenges us to go on the DiscipLes Journey together with others

Part 2 – equips us to learn how to speak to and listen to Jesus

Part 3 – equips us to read and understand the Bible

Part 4 – helps us to connect with the world